About Virtual Tours?

What is a 360º Virtual Reality Tour?

A 360º virtual tour is an interactive tour of any property, home or location. A series of  high resolution  panoramic images are taken with a specialist  camera & lens and are then mapped into a fully interactive virtual tour, allowing the viewer to see, interact and understand the property as if they are actually there.


These great features now allow for a genuinely fully immersive experience that is unrivalled in the Northern Ireland market in terms of technology, quality and affordability.


Benifits of  a 360º Property Views

iViewing.co.uk can seamlessly integrate a 360º virtual reality tours as an add-on to your estate agency website with a simple URL link and brand it with your corporate colours & logo etc.


360º tours  can have a floorplan embedded so the viewer can experience exciting visuals with technical details of the property. This is a great marketing tool for estate agents and all other properties including hotels, theatres, bars and offices.

If a picture says a Thousand words … Then a 360 Virtual tour Shouts a Million !

Our 360º virtual reality house tours start at only £145 for a full house.

For further details please feel free to contact the iViewing.co.uk team to book your property.