Virtual House Tour Features

Major features that make our 360 Virtual Tours the best

In such a highly competitive market place, you have less than 5 seconds to grab interest and encourage further interaction. Our virtual tours maximize this crucial time, create massive visual impact, immediately showcase the property and encourage interest and action.

We pride ourselves in the high quality of our virtual tours, and feel it truly sets us apart from the competition.
All of our 360 degree virtual reality tours are created using high definition cameras, the latest editing software, and are fully interactive to give the user a full true perspective of the space.

Some of the options we can include in your 360 virtual tour:
  • Full HD rendering
  • Designed to work on all PCs, Smart Phone & Tablets
  • Full screen option
  • Interactive hotspots
  • Corporate branding
  • iPhone / iPad Gyro Spin (including most modern tablets & phone)
  • Virtual tour music *
  • Embedded Video *
  • MultiMaps. Great for hotels, multiple floors *
  • Private, password protected tours *
  • Built in reservation forms *
  • Built in e-commerce *


* Denotes option extras

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Tours


A: Absolutely! We’ll confirm with you the exact locations that you wish to include in your virtual reality tours.

A: Providing access arrangements have been made and we have clear instruction on your chosen locations, you will not need to be present. However lots of customers like to see what the process involves so you are more than welcome!

A. Most photo shoots take approximately 1 hour, but we will advise you if your shoot is likely to take longer at the time of the booking. A variety of factors may increase the length of time required for your shoot.

A: We use on-screen controllers within our tours to present information.  On Tablets & Smart phones you can use just your fingers on the screen to control the tour. All interface controllers are built in house and include only the options required for your tour, or any additional options you request such as maps, logos, hot-spots and other elements.

A: All 360 Tours are hosted on our servers. We provide you with a simple line of code for embedding the tours into your site, we  can work directly with you or your web developer in order to get your tours online.

A: Files are usually between 2 and 3MB for a single location. This is largely dependant on the photographic content of the location and the size that the tour needs to be. With current broadband & mobile speeds all tours should load almost instantly. 

A: All visitors to your site will be able to view your tours via their web browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari or Chrome, Tablets such as iPads, Galaxy Tabs or any modern tablet, or via most modern smart phones.

A. When your shoot is booked we will send you an advice sheet with lots of tips on the best way to present your home prior to your virtual reality shoot.